In this article, we would like to discuss the way we look at pricing of features in is a continuously evolving product that offers various options for our users. They can create their own personal website, a multi-page corporate website, an artistic platform, a directory, or an informational site online with the least friction and the least amount of figuring out.

We will always prioritize simplicity and effectiveness over feature overload or unproven UI appeal.

As we iterate and develop, we focus on features that are useful and beneficial to consumers.

When it comes to pricing, we intend to have a straightforward model with the aim of making all features available to all tiers of customers. Depending on their purchase, customers will be categorized into basic, bronze, silver, gold or platinum tiers. Each tier will grant access to all the features, but with varying levels of usability.

Our goal is to provide benefits to all users regardless of their tier, and allow those who appreciate the value and continue to use the product to pay higher prices.

Productivity, efficiency, and speed are the main focus of These principles will be reflected in both our pricing structure and our product development roadmap.